The Birth Story

For families in the Greater Salt Lake who wish to have the day they bring their baby earthside beautifully documented.


The Birth Story includes:

A planning consultation before the birth of your baby.

On call service from 38 weeks of pregnancy.

My attendance from the time you enter active labor and until after your babe safely arrives.

Honest and artful documentation of your baby's birth, and the first hour spent with your new baby.

Both video and photographs will be taken during your birth.  All pregnancies and births are different, the length of film and number of photos taken will be unique to your beautiful story.  The average film length can range from 3-7 minutes and average photos delivered can range from 25-100.

You will be able to download your video for your own personal keeping, and you can choose 20 photos for digital download.  Additional digital images may be added on if you choose, and any prints or products can be purchased separately. 

All birth stories require a $500 deposit to secure your story session.