The family dog and younger sibling look on as fun uncle plays with neice and nephew.

Portfolio Building Prices for first six bookings

See Stephanie and Dane spend an everyday evening with their   family  .

See Stephanie and Dane spend an everyday evening with their family.

Family Film Session $1047

Portfolio Building Special Offer $647 

Imagine being able to go back and relive a day from your childhood with your parents.   Not just to make fun of the way your parents dressed, but to see the laughter, and literally feel like it's just happening for the first time.  That's the gift you're investing in for yourself and your children.  In 25 years I'm confident this film is going to be one of your most prized possession. 

 Spending the day at the park sledding in the snow during a family photo session.

Family Film PLUS Session $1356

Portfolio Building Special Offer $756

This session includes a Family Film as well as storytelling photographs.  A great way to freeze all those quirks you love about your kids.  This real life session will give you a new perspective at how full your life is, and it will also show you why is it that you're so tired at the end of the day.  Being a parent to little people is an exhausting responsibility!

See Val's beautiful home birth   here .

See Val's beautiful home birth here.

Birth Story $1571

Portfolio Building Special Offer $1071

Having this once in a life time experience documented is priceless.  The love, the power, and the support shown during this emotionally-charged time makes for a beautiful story.  We put so much effort into growing and birthing these little babes, why not have a memento of  all the love and effort.  You and your baby will enjoy reliving this special time for years and years to come.

All sessions require a $100 deposit at time of booking to reserve your story telling session date.

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