Here are some things you might be wondering.



How long is a session?

A basic Family Film session will be between 3-4 hours in length, if we are adding on pictures the session is 4 hours.  I don't put a set length on a session because each one is different, but you and I will both know when we're done.  

What do we do for our family film?

Be yourself!  We will have a pre-consultation and also do a questionnaire before your session that will help you and me discover what your session will look like.  Maybe for one family it's important to them to always remember what the morning routine is like, while for someone else they want to capture an iconic night with a bonfire and a trip to the ice cream shop.  

It's pretty important that you don't overthink this or feel like you have to do fifty different things while I'm with you.  I would say 3-4 "activities" or "scenes." for example : MORNING SESSION Scene 1: making and eating breakfast, Scene 2: playing four square in the back yard, Scene 3: jumping on the trampoline, Scene 4: going for a bike ride or a walk to your favorite place.  EVENING SESSION: Scene 1: picking vegetables in the garden, Scene 2: playing catch, Scene 3: going to get ice cream at your favorite place, Scene 4: shooting off some fireworks in front of your house.  These are just examples off the top of my head, the questionnaire will help us figure out what your session will be like. 

Bottom line- the most important thing is that you're interacting with each other, so make the activities ones that everyone in your family can be a part of in some way. 

What should we wear?

Honestly, it doesn't matter that much.  I generally tell people to avoid clothes with big logos or characters on them. {However, if your sons favorite shirt is a Paw Patrol shirt, and he wants to wear it everyday all day, then definitely let him do it, it's a part of your story}

Also, it's a thing of the past to dress everyone in white shirts and khaki's, these films have a more casualness to them.  Just wear what you're comfortable in, and what you would wear if I weren't there to take photos.  If you feel the need to wear special outfits I would go for a more complimentary look rather than a matching look.   But I can't emphasis enough how much it's not necessary to wear anything out of the ordinary.

Do you pose us?

That is an excellent question!  I absolutely do not.  Some people are amazing at posing people for photographs, I am not one of those people.  I'm just simply not good at that.  My eye sees stories and moments that are authentic, and you can read here one of the biggest reasons I made this shift in my photography.   

Don't be nervous though, your real life is inherently interesting, and the true spunk and character of your family will be captured in your session.  

Will we get any family portraits?

Of course you will, the family portrait will look different than the traditional portrait though.  My method of being a fly on the wall gives me the opportunity to capture you in authentic moments, full of life and story. In families we naturally gather and spread, gather and spread, so those moments where you're all gathered is when I will be capturing those real family portraits.  

I do understand the value that a traditional mantel photo holds and I will, at the end of our session, give you the opportunity to all sit together and smile at the camera.  There will be plenty of beautiful moments during our session that make for great wall art and prints, which aren't posed.