What Does a Video Session Get Me? Why Video Can Enrich Your Life.

With the technology we carry around with us on a daily basis, video is increasing in popularity as a way to express ourselves.  And I think family portraiture is no different, it is trending in that direction.  Think about all the things that video can give us that a photograph simply cannot. 

Movement is the first to come to mind.  It's one thing to have a picture of your child taking their first step, but a video is by far superior.  From a video you can hear the voice of an encouraging parent, the excitement of a sibling, the actual movement of their tiny wobbling steps.  And because we have all that extra information we can feel like we are reliving that moment over and over again even years from now, like it was happening right before your eyes.

Sound is also something that video gifts you.  And I do mean that it's a gift, because who doesn't love looking back on old clips of their kids and hearing their sweet voice.  The way they talk or maybe it's what they are saying that is so precious. 

Personality, now photography can definitely show you personality, but I still think video does a better job.  What comes to mind is my first video I ever made for my family. There is this moment where my oldest daughter subtly wipes the hair from her face.  Something she does probably a hundred times a day, but the way she does it tells me "this is such a sweet girl, look how innocent and gentle she is," something that I forget at times.  But when I see that, my love just swells inside.  It helps me really look at her and appreciate her right now.

It happens at about the 30 second mark. Remember this is the first film I ever made, so while my skill set was limited, I still love this film for what it is and how it captures my life so perfectly.

Connection, man does video capture connection so well.  The interactions that you have with your kids, the way you walk by and touch their cheek, the tickling, the movements that you make that you may not even realize until you see it on video.  Then you think, "wow, I never knew I showed affection in that way."  Or even better, you get to see how your kids are looking at you and the way they love you back, something that you may not feel always. 

You choose to take photos to remember things, to stack them in boxes and go through the year after year and remember life.  You choose video because you want to relive the moment, because you want your kids when they are adults to be able to relive one of those special Saturday summer evenings.  You choose video so your kids can hear their mothers laugh when she's no longer with them on earth.  

We can all take our own videos these days, but I strongly believe that every family's life can be enriched by hiring a professional family filmmaker to create something emotive and enjoyable to watch over and over.  It's nostalgic, like you're looking back at a dreamy memory of your own life.

I think it's a pretty universal human behavior to want to look back in time and see yourself, or your kids, or your own parents or grandparents.  These videos are valuable now, but they only get better as time passes.  A perfect way to keep a time capsule of your life.  

Have some questions?  Check out the FAQ page, or contact me.  There's no time like the present to get a video made of your family.