The Making of a Memorable Summer. A Summer Bucket List for Utah Families.

Do I have any list-makers here?  I most certainly am one.  Here in Utah we have about five seasons: Winter, winter-spring, a couple days of real spring, 2.5 months of summer, followed by a week or two of fall, and then it's back to winter.  Basically, not enough summer and way more than our fair share of winter.  So it's my theory that if you're going to make the most of your summer, you need a game plan.

Before we get to the nitty-gritty, please-please document your summer!  These are your memories! Your kids will want to look back on their childhood some day and have physical proof to solidify those memories (that means we must print those pictures too!). So whatever your bucket list includes, take photos of it all. 

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Summer Bucket List:

Ogden's Historic 25th Street - there are constantly different festivals going on here, and the farmers market is pretty bomb too.  Farmers Market opens June 23rd, there's the Urban Adventure Fest on May 12th,  and the Street Car show is on June 1st, just to name a few things!

Spend an afternoon or evening at Pineview Reservoir.  Our favorite thing to do is go around 3 pm and play at the Reservoir for a couple hours and then head over to Mad Moose Cafe for dinner.  They have great outdoor seating where kids can run around and you can really slow down and relax in the evening sun right when it's cooling down a bit.  Stop by on May 28th for free ice cream and if you're around for the weekends you'll hear some soft live music in the evening. 

 Girl cousins play in the waves of the Pineview resevior in eden utah

Drive-in Movie at Motor-vu , who doesn't love the novelty of a drive-in movie?  Bringing all your blankets, getting something from the snack bar, and getting cozy with your loved ones.

Cherry Hill, you can do a day pass at the water park or spend the weekend camping and enjoying mini-golf along with fun in the sun.  

 Everyone in the frame at once during a summer afternoon swim, Logan utah

Get some shaved ice at a pop-up summer shop like Hokulia .  They are opening up on May 1st and if you follow their facebook page you can watch for their Summer Luau! {And ask about their secret menu!}

Make a fire!  With friends..with family... alone, who cares, just get your s'more on! 

 So many burnt marshmellows are a part of childhood, ogden utah.

Out-door movie in your own backyard.  We do this all the time, my husband is the best sport, he moves everything outside (tv, dvd player, table to set it on), and my kids bring all their stuffed animals and treats outside, it's a blast. 

Visit the Tracy Aviary.  If you haven't been, you need to go.  It's a lot more relaxed than the zoo if you're wanting a slower paced day.  They have a pretty awesome bird show that's free with admission as well.  Their new Expedition Kea exhibit opens May 12th, they have a few summer camps going on from June-August AND family yoga starting June 12.  Fun and educational, put it on your list! 

Buy caterpillars and watch them change to butterflies.  Another fun and educational activity we do every year! {This year we are trying to do tadpoles to frogs, I'll keep you updated on that one}

 Dad and grandma watch their daughter, granddaughter release a butterfly in Kaysville Utah.

Pick a watermelon from a farmers market!  We love going to Day Farms and having someone pick us a watermelon, it's always the most delicious watermelon we get the entire year.

Go camping!  Not into camping?  Go GLAMPING at Conestoga Ranch, all the fun of camping, but hotel luxury style!  You could also rent a house with Bear Lake Luxury Rentals and have an extended family trip or friend trip!  We actually won a two night stay in one of their gorgeous homes, here's a look at all the fun we had there!

Make a trip to Tuacahn Center for one of their amazing outdoor productions.  They are putting on Cinderella, Matilda, and Prince of Egypt for the season.

Antelope Island has so much to offer,  hiking (over 45 miles worth of options), seeing unique animals to our area, a beautiful scenery, and the Great Salt Lake, it's beautiful there.  Even if you just get out there and drive around, it's worth a trip.

Please let me know what you're summer bucket list always includes! And don't forget to follow along for more summer ideas on facebook and  instagram !