Which Photographs Matter Most. Britney Hales Photographer Documents Life.

I've always been a bit photo-obsessed, ever since I can remember.  Before I had kids it was an obsession with photos of culture and exotic places, but once my first came earth-side it was all about remembering all the perfect details of her.  I committed to getting professional photos every six months for the first two years.  That way I had a perfect picture of my perfect baby because, well, they change so quickly those first two years.  

 Playing in a blanket fort at home with baby, in home session, Utah.


Now fast forward a bit and my baby is now a big sister and she wants to look through her baby book.  Well, we would get it out and flip through it and she has questions about all the photos in there, until we would make it to those beloved portraits I made sure to get every six months.  When we got to that page I would say, "aww, look how sweet and adorable you were."  Because, lets face it, she was, and those clear, perfectly exposed pictures with catch lights and carefully thought out outfit displayed her deliciousness perfectly.  But do you know what happened?  She just looked at me and she turned on past those pictures.  She was interested in the imperfect pictures with stories and character.  That's when I realized the ordinary day in all it's beautiful, messy glory was what she wanted to remember.  And that's what I want to remember as well.  Because you only have one life together.  I want to turn those real moments into artful-memories you'll cherish forever--a story of your love, your connections, your belonging.  A glorious mural of life.