Mom playing with kids on the bed.

Hi, I'm Britney.

I share my life with two rambunctious rug-rats, a goof-ball husband, an annoying goldendoodle, and a grumpy ewok dog.  My days are full of wiping noses, combing through morning bed-head, and playing tea parties.  Most importantly, I have a great passion for immortalizing all those everyday moments, because time has a way of slipping by us.  And although these days are long, every mother who has been through it will tell you "it passes."  Some days we wish it would pass faster and other days we want to freeze a moment for all of time.  That's my goal when I pick up the camera, to capture a memory, a moment, a stage of life that I, my kids, or anyone can relate to.  

I love to make art out of the ordinary for myself and for you! What seems mundane and routine will, with time, be something you cherish.  Long after the days of waking babies, and toys littering the floor, I hope for a record to exist of how we got to this place.  The love, the connections, the moments, a history of us.